Dear Dad,

I use to think everything is theoretically impossible until I experience it myself. I mean, I haven’t done much in life, but I’m trying to. My world is full of impossibilities, struggles, and temptations, but I won’t let that slide. I’d rather be climbing a ladder to escape and survive all the chaos that strangles me than just letting every dream passes by. I want to seek out for what the world has in store for me. Nonetheless, in a disorderly world, it allows me to become a dreamer of who I want to be tomorrow. I dream of an enthralling world, and I still have hope that one day I’m living in one.

Allow me to welcome you to my site where I’ll vent about my struggles (not complaining) and take you on the crazy captivated #JesVenture.


I am absolutely NOT flawless. I am far from perfection. I remember depression was part of me for about 2 years. After losing my Dad, I gave up on life. I felt like my life was hit by a tornado and knocked me down in a hopeless place. LIFE SUCKED, I thought. Before stepping into adulthood, I lived life in fantasy, enjoyed it to the fullest, and laughed like there was no tomorrow. I used to be this happy till my father passed away. Reality kicked in, I woke up in a different world. My new world of not having my father around is tough. Now I live in actuality and suffer with everyday responsibilities. Every day I wake up wishing I was still living in the past where life was young and simple. But what is adulthood anyway? What is life if there are no such thing as restarting up, moving on, and hoping for the best?  The life that I’m living in is an eye-opening lesson to realize that I belong in a society where the struggle is real but striving for success is possible.

I’m a single mom, and I’m thankful for where I stand now with my dearest son, ResePwini. Motherhood is the most beautiful thing. It shapes me to be a different person today. I’ve learned to love deeply, to nurture properly, to grow appropriately, and to appreciate life with my love ones. I get lots of help and support from my mother-dearest. She helps me from the start of my motherhood journey until today. I can’t imagine life/raising my son without her? Being a mom, it could be challenging. Pain, tears, lack of sleep, sweats, and hard-work are all part of this experience. It is challenging but a blessing at the same time.

When my son came on board, there are a lot of changes happening in my life. Responsibilities and sacrifices increase, and I believe in grown folks’ lives. My son has been a joy in my heart. He brightens up my day, but also gives me headaches when he runs the house, jumps on the couches and does all the terrible things a child could have ever done.  Regardless of the mess he creates, I still love him so much. He’s mine- he belongs to me.

ResePwini means a lot to me. Also, his name means something to my clan. He named after my Great Grand Uncle who was known a warrior on the island of Uman.  It is obviously an extraordinary name that describes the toughness of that individual. Word to word, ResePwini also means “Independent Warrior.” I love his name. One of my everyday wishes is that he continues to stand for the meaning behind his name. No matter what life throws at him, I want him to stand strong and be able to show the good and humble example of how an independent warrior from Micronesia is.

Oops, sorry if I take up all your time reading the first page of my blog. Xoxo


6 thoughts on “Dear Dad,”

  1. Let’s go Micronesia–Chuukese future leader! I am very proud of you, stepping out and advocating your identity. Be very assured of my supports in praying for successful work and service and studies. I am especially touched by your story about your beloved dad. I am sure he prayed continuously for you in Heaven. Please remember to pray for me too. Thanks, and Christ’s peace, love, and joy be always with you.

  2. heart touching…I was once a single mom taking care my baby&my parents along with my lil siblings…was sure hard& tough…my best regards goes out to u & ur lil mucho man… prayers to our nation

  3. Sad and somehow inspiring and encouraging. Words were put in so fittingly as if it was the building block of nature, the order and construction of the Egyptain pyramid or our very own spectacular nan mahdol ruins..was skillfully built by scholars with fine work of art! Ekenekene aa…

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