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Ran Annim as in Good Day to you all,

My name is Jes Phillip, I am a fearless navigator and curious explorer from the small island of Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia currently residing in Portland, Oregon. I study Business Management and Community Development at Portland State University. Transitioning into the thoughts of pursuing my Master’s Degree, I am intrigued about the Environmental Engineering Program and fascinated by the idea of developing solutions to environmental problems. While exploring my options of my next educational journey, I was awarded the opportunity to be a part of a competitive environmental engineering research project in Reykjavik, Iceland for Summer (June) 2017 via The GREEN Program.

If you are familiar with me, you know my passion and dedication as a young leader in the community and a tireless advocate for the issues that are negatively impacting our society and affecting the underserved communities including mine, the Micronesian Community. Climate Change is one of the many reasons that encourages me to go for this program. Climate Change is real and is happening today in the Pacific Islands and many places in the world. As a “paranoid” native islander from the Pacific Island, Climate Change has been one of my focused issues. I’ve spent three months in Washington D.C. advocating for the impact of Climate Change in the islands in Micronesia. Today, it is time to take my advocacy action to another level where I’ll be studying, training, and researching the deeper understanding of the world’s most advanced renewable energy system in the focused fields of biofuels, geothermal, hydroelectricity, wind power and apply the skills in the real world.

I strongly believe that this research project will not only expand my knowledge on renewable energy and sustainability but will help me redesign a healthy and safe environment for everyone. I am a concerned citizen of society who is full of curiosity, a single mom of an adopted son, Resepwini, and an aunt to many nieces and nephews. Because of these children, everyday I think about how the future generation will be if my generation doesn’t do anything to sustain the world. I am also from an island that slowly but surely disappearing due to sea level rising and the frequent of natural disasters. My people are struggling but unnoticed. The Pacific Islands are the frontline of Climate Change. To me, it is absolutely sad just to imagine the thoughts of losing the beautiful islands that raised me. So I can’t let this happen, I have to start somewhere. I have faith that this environmental research program will provide me the knowledge, motivation, and strength to take my advocacy work into another level of action.

I won’t be able to afford this opportunity by myself; therefore, I am asking for your financial help. Your financial support will help me fund my tuition fee for the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Program and other travel, food, and housing expenses to supplement me on this trip. If you are unable to support me financially, please don’t worry, but help me share my story. I appreciate any help coming from y’all.

Thank you so much,

Jes Phillip


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